The Foundational Anchors

Transformation can be made in small steps. Small steps can create huge impacts on health and well-being.

  • Learn the importance of creating metabolic variety.

  • Discover how intermittent fasting can create successful weight loss

  • Learn how to use exercise to your advantage

  • Realize the need to get chronic inflammation under control

  • Recognize the importance of improving gut health

Course curriculum

    1. Meet ME

    2. 12 Reasons for Weight Gain

    3. Obesity effects on health

    4. Measurements

    5. Mindful and Intuitive Eating

    6. Growth Mindset

    7. Intro quiz

    1. Food is Fuel

    2. Intro to diet

    3. Carb Cycling

    4. General shopping list

    5. Macro Cheat Sheet

    6. Set Point Reset

    7. Building a Healthy Snack Handout

    8. How to Set Goals in MyFitnessPal

    9. Breakfasts Ideas

    10. Lunch and Dinner Ideas

    11. Snack ideas

    12. Metabolic Variety Quiz

    1. Intermittent Fasting

    2. IF Quiz

    1. Exercise

    2. Exercise HIIT

    3. Exercise Quiz

    1. Inflammation

    2. Inflammation Inducers

    3. Inflammation Quieters

    4. Sleep

    5. Stress

    6. Hormones

    7. Inflammation Quiz

    1. Gut Health

    2. Gut Health Quiz

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Your Instructor

Kacey Wallace

My name is Kacey Wallace. I am a Board Certified Family Physician. I have been practicing conventional medicine for over 15 years. I have seen firsthand where traditional medicine is lacking and wanted to learn an approach to help patients dive into the root cause of why they truly weren't gaining health and wellness in their lives. I was introduced to Functional Medicine and have spent countless hours over the last few years training and deepening my knowledge base to be able to work with patients on a more meaningful level. I realized that women were really struggling with weight loss despite eating healthy and exercising daily. Through my research, it was obvious that this wasn't just about creating a calorie deficit. It is about so much more. I want to share my knowledge to help women achieve their weight loss goals so that they will feel better and be more present in the lives of those that they love. I am married and have three beautiful children. We enjoy spending time together as a family. Our hobbies include hiking, scuba diving, and traveling. We have six dogs, two cats, and two horses. We stay busy most days but do enjoy sitting together to play a board game or even just to watch our favorite TV show.